Call For Papers
The organizing committee of conference is pleased to invite prospective authors to submit their original manuscripts to 9th ICMSSM2024.
Authors are invited to submit papers (up to 9 pages for technical content including figures and references, and references). Submission instructions, templates for paper format please refer to the footer of the website, and the “no show*” policy are available at this page. All accepted papers will be published in electronic formal proceedings - with ISBN number, and to be indexed in the major bibliographical search engines...
ICMSSM 2024 is planned to be an hybrid event. Please refer to the ICMSSM website for updates and details. At least one author will be required to register and attend the conference onsite or online. Failure to present at the conference may result in the removal of the submission from conference proceedings.
*Non-Presented Paper (No-Show) Policy: Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author or qualified proxy attend and present the paper at the conference. If a paper is not presented at the conference, the paper will not be published formal proceedings.
The topics of 9th ICMSSM2024 cover Mechanical Structures and Smart Materials Related Issue, etc.
Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
T1: Mechanical Science and Technology Advances
• Instrumentation and Control
• Automation and Mechatronics
• Automotive Engineering
• Turbulence
• Heat and Mass Transfer
• Acoustics and Noise Control
• Manufacturing Robots
• Dynamics and Vibration
• System Dynamics and Simulation
• Aerodynamics
• Applied Mechanics
• Computational Mechanics
• Mechanical Design
• Machinery and Machine Design
• Product Design
• Manufcturing and Production Processes
• Additive Manufacturing
• Manufacturing System and Simulation
T2: Smart Structures and Systems
• Adaptive Structures
• Smart Structures in Mechatronics
• Origami Structures
• Deployable Structures
• Pattern-Driven Structures
• Structural Control

• Smart Structural Systems
• Structural Health Monitoring/Nondestructive Evaluation
• Actuators
• Wireless Sensors
• Sensor Networks
• Embedded and Self-diagnostic Sensors
• Optical Fiber Sensors
• Bio-inspired and Robotic Systems
• Energy Harvesting Systems
• Life Cycle Eng.
• Diagnosis/Prognosis
• Informatics & Networking
T3: Smart Materials and Surfaces
• Smart Material Science and Synthesis
• Manufacturing and Design of Smart Materials
• Functional and Multifunctional Materials
• Bioinspired Materials
• Catalytic Materials
• Applied Surface Science
• Shape Memory Materials
• Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials
• Inorganic Luminescent Materials
• Metamaterials and Metadevices
• Stretchable and Flexible Electronic Materials
• Stimuli Responsive Materials
• Fire Retardant Materials and Surfaces
• Biomaterials Surfaces
• Nanoscale Surfaces
• Silicon Surfaces
T4: Materials Manufacturing and Processing
• Robotics
• Mechatronics
• Automation Engineering Processes
• Technological Devices and Equipment
• Heat Treatment
• Thermo-Chemical Treatment
• Heat Conduction and Thermoelasticity
• Welding, Sintering
• Powder Metallurgy
• Surface Treatment, Machining
• Thin & Thick Coatings
• Electricity and Magnetism
• Piezoelectric and Piezomagnetic Effects
• Extension of Rods
• Torsion of Shafts
• Bending of Beams
• Plastic Forming, Quality Assessment
• Production and Operations Management
• Production Planning and Control
• Manufacturing Technology Management
• Environmental Management
• Safety and Health Management
• Theoretical Fundamentals of Cleaner Production
• Industrial Application of Cleaner Production Methods
• Physical Distribution and Logistics Management
• Supply Chain Management
T5: Methodology of Research and Analysis and Modeling
• Metallographic
• Quantitative Metallographic
• Computational Material Science
• Electron Microscopy
• X-ray Phase Analysis
• Image Analysis
• Residual Life Analysis
• Mould Flow Analysis
• Materials and Engineering Databases
• Numerical Techniques
• Statistic Methods
• Artificial Intelligence Methods
• Process Systems Design
• Expert Systems
• Rapid Prototyping
• Engineering Design
• Technological Design
• Materials Design