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A special issue of Journal of Composites Science

ISSN: ISSN 2504-477X

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Special Issue "Current Research and Development in Composite Materials"

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Special Issue Information
Dear Colleagues,

Composite materials play an important role in the development of modern science and technology. The depth and breadth of the advantages of composite materials and the speed and scale of their production development and wide applicability have captured the attention of many industries that seek to exploit composite materials for their intended purposes, e.g., light-weight and strong carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy composites for aerospace, automotive, and marine structures, green fiber reinforced plastics for fabricating house-hold products and construction industry. Clearly, the choice of composite materials in the desired application is one of the important signs to measure the advancement of the science and technology of the relevant industry.
This Special Issue is dedicated to publishing papers (e.g., review, experimental, theoretical, computational) in all fields related to composite materials that address recent advances in the research and development of the materials. The key focus are on fiber reinforced composite materials and particle reinforced composite materials, addressing, not only just the usual topics on structural/mechanical properties, but also more novel areas such as intelligent materials, sensing (e.g., structural health monitoring) applications, extreme environment applications, and sustainability areas, such as recyclability and repair strategies, etc.

Prof. Kheng-Lim Goh
Dr. Mohd Shahir Bin Kasim
Guest Editors

Advanced composite materials
Intelligent Materials
structural, mechanical, and properties
theoretical studies (modeling and simulation)


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