Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the requirement of the paper format?
A: Please download the paper template.

Q: What's the limit for page counts?
A: All papers should be no less than 5 pages in length and must be written in strict accordance with the format. Shorter papers should not be included in the journal.

Q: Does the conference accept papers in Chinese?
A: No, it doesn't. The conference only accepts papers in English. 

Q: How much should a non-paper attendee pay? What items will be covered by the fee?
A: RMB 1200 (USD 200) should be paid for a non-paper attendee, and this fee covers the attendance for all the technical sessions, lunch during the conference, and some conference materials.

Q: Can I submit the paper to other journals or conferences?
A: No, you can't. If your paper was accepted by the Conference Organizing Committee, the copyright of your paper would be transferred to TTP. And the paper will be published by TTP and indexed by EI Compendex.

Q:  How is the oral session organized? What should an author prepare in advance?
A:  You should prepare a PPT file for your presentation and copy it from your flash drive to our computer before the oral session starts.


:   请问会议对于论文的格式和页数有什么要求?
:   按照AMM期刊要求,会议论文不少于5 页。具体格式请参考.

:   此次会议接受中文投稿吗?
:   此会议只接受英文全文投稿。

:   怎么确认我投递的论文已经被接收?
:   如果您将论文投递到指定的邮箱,我们的工作人员会及时给您回复论文编号。 

:   如果有事参加不了会议有什么影响?
:   会议鼓励作者出席并参加会议交流,但对于因故不能参加会议的,组委会也将在会后将论文期刊等相关资料邮寄给作者。

:   没有投递论文,但是想参会怎么办?
:   对于想参会但是没有论文的相关领域内人员,您可以注册为会议的听众参加会议,听众的注册费用是1200元/200USD每 人。 

:   录用的论文什么时候可以检索?怎么检索?
:   录用的文章正常情况下会后3到6个月可以检索。如果您是EI的注册用户,请进入其官方网站,输入用户名和密码;如果您的学校图书馆有EI数据库,您可以直接通过数据库进行链接。