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  • Prof. Katsuyuki Kida (Ph.D, Dr. Eng.)

    Speech Title: Magnetic microscopy observation system for health monitoring

    Professor Katsuyuki Kida was born in 1968 in Osaka, where he studied mechanical engineering at Osaka University from 1988. Apart from course work, he studied rolling contact fatigue (RCF) occurring in TiC and TiN coated steels using both X-ray diffraction and scanning acoustic microscopy. After graduation he pursued his academic career and obtained a Ph.D. in engineering mechanics in 2000, investigating RCF problems of all-Si3N4 bearings. By observing cracking and flaking failure under RCF, he succeeded in explaining the material`s features from the viewpoint of fracture mechanics. From 2000 he focused his work on investigating the contact problems of several materials used in machine elements. He has also continued fundamental research on contact problems, for which he received ‘The Best Paper Prize (FFEMS PRIZE)’ from ‘Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures’ journal in 2005. The awarded papers reported establishing a crack growth mechanism under contact pressure, a problem previously unsolved for over 70 years since S. Way’s proposed theory. His research interests now include the development of three dimensional scanning Hall-probe microscope technologies, fatigue phenomena in polymer bearing, crack growth mechanism under contact stresses and refinement of high-carbon steels. He holds and has held a number of prestigious leadership roles in academy-industry corroboration programs: refinement of steels, new joint system in humanoid robots and fatigue of polymer bearings in "Strategic Fundamental Technologies Strengthening Assistance Programs" (Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, Japan, 2009-2013); scanning Hall-probe microscopy in "Fundamental Studies on Technologies for Steel Materials with Enhanced Strength and Functions" (Consortium of the JRCM, Japan, 2008-2012); and ceramic bearing elements in the project supported by "Japanese Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization" (NEDO, Japan, 2007-2011).” As a chairperson of department of mechanical engineering in University of Toyama, Professor Kida is heading education and research projects (2019-).

  • Prof. Pengcheng Jiao

    Speech Title: Plate Mechanical Metamaterials (PMMs): Mechanisms and Applications

    Pengcheng Jiao, Ph.D., Research Professor, Ph.D. supervisor. Prof. Jiao’s areas of research interests include advanced smart structure and multifunctional advanced materials. Particular interests are focused on mechanical metamaterials, structural stability analysis, structural health monitoring (SHM), and multiscale solid mechanics. Prof. Jiao has published up to 30 SCI papers, including 20 first/corresponding author SCI papers, as well as 5 peer-reviewed conference papers. This presentation will focus on the mechanisms and applications of mechancial metamaterials.

    Personal Website | Google Scholar / ResearchGat

  • Prof. Qingsong Xu

    Speech Title: Design and Development of Compliant Micro/Nano-Positioning Systems

    Qingsong Xu is an Associate Professor of electromechanical engineering and the Director of Smart and Micro/Nano Systems Laboratory at the University of Macau. He was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA, the RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, the National University of Singapore, Singapore, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), Switzerland. His current research area involves micro/nano mechatronics and systems, control and automation, and applications of computational intelligence. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, a Technical Editor of IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, and an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering. He has published 3 monographs and over 250 technical papers in international journals and conferences. According to the Citation Report of Web of Science from Clarivate Analytics, his h-index is 32.

  • Prof. Tai Yan Kam

    Speech Title: Impact analysis and shock absorption of drone structures made of fiber reinforced composite materials

    Dr. Tai Yan Kam earned his Ph.D. in the area of Structural Mechanics from Northwestern University, USA, 1982. He is presently professor of Mechanical Engineering Department, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan. He served as the Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department and Dean of the College of Engineering in 1987-1989 and 1994-2000, respectively, at National Chiao Tung University. In 1990, he was guest professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa. He has served as consultants at several national industrial as well as defense research institutions in Taiwan, which include Aerospace Research (Fighter planes) and Quality Assurance (Missiles) Centers of Chung Shan Institute of Technology, Precision Machine Research (Robots) Center, and Aerospace Research (Aircrafts) Center of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). He was Vice Chairman and CTO of Neosonica Technologies Co., Taiwan, in charge of the R&D on flat-panel type audio systems. He was the recipients of the following awards: 2012, Gold Prize Award, International Invention Fair, Taipei, Taiwan. 2013, Gold Prize Award, Archimedes International Invention Fair, Moscow, Russia. 2013, Gold Prize Award, International Invention Fair, Malaysia. 2003, National Invention Award, Taiwan. 2002, Excellent Product Award, Ministry of Economics, Taiwan. He has served as International Scientific Advisory Committee members of many international conferences and also organized the following international conferences: 2013, Chairman, 7th Asian-Pacific Conference on Aerospace Technology & Science, Taiwan. 2019, Chairman, 10th Asian-Pacific Conference on Aerospace Technology & Science/The 4th Asian Joint Symposium on Aerospace Engineering Joint conference, Taiwan. He was the Guest Editor for a special edition on Aerospace Technology and Science (Procedia Engineering Journal, Vol. 67) and is currently the Guest Editor of the special issue about the State-of-the-art on Vibroacoustics and Sound Radiation Control of Structures (J. Applied Sciences, He has been the Associate Editors of several International Journals and the reviewers for many prestigious SCI journals. He has published over 85 prestigious SCI papers and owned over 40 patents worldwide.


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